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The PST welcomes researchers from all scientific disciplines. There are several types of membership categories:
Honorary members: this is a special category of membership for distinguished scientists/researchers with a record of high achievement and contributions to the field of protein research. This category of membership will be by invitation only.
Student membership: this category of membership is for students (high school, undergraduate and graduate students) who are interested in protein research and would like to or have plans to work on proteins in their career. Validity: 1 year
Individual membership: individuals in any field of Life Science who are interested in protein research may apply for this category of membership. Validity: 1 year
Life-time membership: Similar to the individual membership who wish for life-time validity. Validity: Life time
Supporting membership: this category is open to businesses, firms, individuals, corporations, etc. that support the activities of the Protein Society of Thailand. Three categories of this type of membership, i.e. GOLD, SILVER and REGULAR classes are available.Validity: 1 year

Membership Fee
Honorary membership: None
Student membership:   100 Baht (4 US Dallars) /annum
Individual membership: 500 Baht (17 US Dallars) /annum
Life-time membership: 2,500 Baht (84 US Dallars)
Supporting membership: 5,000 Baht/annum (regular class)
  20,000 Baht/annum (silver class)
  50,000 Baht/annum (gold class)

Membership Benefits

All PST members have the following benefits:
  • Discount rate for the registration fee of the up-coming International Symposium of Protein Society of Thailand (one time per account for Student- and Individual-type membership).
  • Receive discount at agreed percentages when purchasing merchandizes and chemicals from supporting member companies.
  • Access to frequent updates on recent news on protein research, current advances in protein technology and protocols, links to interesting protein research websites, news, announcements, etc.
  • Right to vote at the PST annual meeting.
  • Eligible to apply for and be selected for PST awards, fellowships or scholarships.

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