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        The Organizing Committee of the 6th International Symposium of the Protein Society of Thailand invites PROCEEDINGS from researchers whose research works are related to protein biochemistry, proteomics, and utilization of modern protein technologies. Registration can be done online, with modest registration fee (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER). Please note that REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED prior to be able to submit your PROCEEDINGS. Submission can be done at the time of registration if your PROCEEDINGS are ready. Alternatively, the ABSTRACT of your PROCEEDINGS can be submitted first and the rest of the contents can be submitted later (within the deadline) for the reviewing process. If you choose to submit the PROCEEDINGS later, you will be provided with REGISTRATION NO. and PASSWORD to access to your registered information and to facilitate the submission and editing of the PROCEEDINGS. The deadline for a complete PROCEEDINGS submission is CLOSED. Please refer to GUIDELINES FOR PROCEEDINGS PREPARATION when you prepare the PROCEEDINGS.

        Author(s) of the submitted PROCEEDINGS are required to present the works as POSTER presentation (or ORAL if it is selected by the committee).


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