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  Important Deadlines

  • Unless otherwise notified, time slots for oral presentation have been allocated for different categories of speakers, as follows:
                Keynote lecture (35 min + 5 min for questions)
                Invited lecture (20 min + 5 min for questions)
                Oral presentation (15 min + 5 min for questions)
    Please plan to deliver your presentation within the allocated time, as time allocations will be strictly enforced.
  • All presentations must be prepared using PowerPoint.  Only LCD projectors will be used.  Neither 35 mm slide projector nor overhead projector will be available at this Symposium.
  • Please bring the presentation, either on a CD-R in a format that can be read on any platform or on a portable USB chip drive.  To ensure smooth and rapid transition between speakers in each of the sessions, all presenters are required to check his/her PowerPoint file(s) at least one session before the start of the scheduled session.
  • To avoid the possibility of albeit infrequent cross-platform transitional incompatibilities that can sometimes occur when using non-standard fonts and symbols, it is highly recommend that you check your presentation prior to your presentation.

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